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 The address is: The address is:
-3700 Martin Luther ​king Drive, ​ SW+3700 Martin Luther ​King Drive, ​ SW
 Atlanta, Georgia 30331 Atlanta, Georgia 30331
 (404) 613-4215 (404) 613-4215
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 Visit the webpage on [[http://​​dhw-immunizations/​3538-adamsville-health-center|Fulton County website]] Visit the webpage on [[http://​​dhw-immunizations/​3538-adamsville-health-center|Fulton County website]]
 +[[https://​​maps/​kz5tkWbBuJD2|Drive there from Omega Pediatrics]]
 +[[https://​​maps/​gwn7ZkAGdm12|Bus route from Omega Pediatrics]]
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