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Talk to a registered nurse anytime

With the 24-Hour Nurse Line, you can speak to a registered nurse about a variety of health issues —
whenever you need to. Plus:


It’s toll-free


You can call as many times as
you need — at no extra cost


Your covered family members
can use it too

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Choosing a health plan through your employer

Approximately 49% of Americans receive health insurance coverage from their employers, with employer-sponsored health plans playing a significant role in benefits packages. The market today is flooded with various health plans to choose from, but which one provides the most value? This is why it’s important to understand what sets UnitedHealthcare apart.

If you are in the process of selecting a health plan provided by your employer, UnitedHealthcare plans provide a range of features that may align with your preferences, such as tailored assistance, user-friendly digital resources, and extensive networks of healthcare providers that give you more options when it comes to choosing doctors, clinics, and hospitals.

UnitedHealthcare packages for businesses of all sizes

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Small Businesses (Up to 100 employees)

UnitedHealthcare’s range of group health insurance options for organizations with 100 or fewer employees helps businesses save money while supporting the wellness of employees and their families.

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Large Organizations

UnitedHealthcare’s healthcare benefit strategies for large organizations offer wide-reaching healthcare for a diverse range of organizations.

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Tailor your healthcare plan to meet your needs


Medical Plans

Choose from a variety of robust medical plans for all budgets and industry-specific requirements.


Pharmacy Benefits

UnitedHealthcare’s pharmacy benefits are designed to help lower costs, simplify experiences, streamline plan administration, and improve medication adherence for your employees.


Specialty Benefits

Specialty benefits such as vision, dental, hearing, pet, and intermittent workforce afford employees holistic healthcare that encompasses all facets of their life.

icon 24 hour use advice line

Behavioral Health Benefits

UnitedHealthcare has a team of advocates, clinicians, and numerous preferred healthcare providers throughout the country who are ready to assist employees throughout their behavioral health journey. They provide guidance, empathy, and support to help individuals navigate the process.

img s6 When you partner with UnitedHealthcare

When you partner with UnitedHealthcare, you’ll:

  • Gain access to a vast network of healthcare providers and services
  • Enjoy a variety of digital tools that make it easy to manage your healthcare plan
  • Experience unparallelled personalized support
  • Benefit from UnitedHealthcare’s top-notch wellness programs and services

Frequently Asked Questions

Your child can be seen at Omega Pediatrics by going to the appointments page and booking an appointment. The appointment window accepts patient’s information including insurance name and member ID, email and phone number. You will also be able to enter the reason for the visit and pick your preferred time.

If you want to transfer your records from a different practice to Omega Pediatrics, you will need to fill out a request for transfer of records form at our office or online and we will then request that information from your child’s clinic by sending it to them via fax.

We offer appointments from 11 am through 8.45 pm on weekdays, Monday to Friday depending on availability. We also do offer Telemedicine appointments depending on the clinician availability.

Our patients are usually able to get in within 48 to 72 hours depending on the time of the year. We recommend scheduling online on our website at https://www.omegapediatrics.com/book/. There the available appointments are accessible and parents are able to pick what date and time works best for them. Omega Pediatrics is the only local pediatrician that is open up to 9 PM week days.

We accept walk-ins however we recommend patients pre-registering online to reduce wait times in the office. Preference will be given to those who already have appointments and walk-ins will be seen on a first come first served basis if there is a gap in the schedule.

See more FAQs here