Our 24-hour nurse advice line from Peach State Health Plan is always available to provide help right over the phone. For questions about the symptoms and care for you or a family member, call 1-800-704- 1484 (TDD/TTY 1-800-255-0056) and select ‘nurse’ at the prompt.

A member of PeachCare for Kids can contact them on the Customer Service number at (404) 656-4507. PeachCare for Kids is a comprehensive healthcare program for uninsured children living in Georgia. In 1997, Congress created Title XXI of the Social Security Act to provide health care for the growing number of uninsured children in the United States. This legislation enabled states to develop State Children’s Health Insurance (S-CHIP) programs to increase access to affordable health insurance. In Georgia, PeachCare for Kids began covering children in 1998 and provides comprehensive coverage to uninsured children. S-CHIP was reauthorized in January 2018 for an additional ten years.

The health benefits include primary, preventive, specialist, dental, and vision care. PeachCare for Kids also covers hospitalization, emergency room services, prescription medications, and mental health care. Each child in the program has a Georgia Families Care Management Organization (CMO) responsible for coordinating the child’s care.

As a member of PeachCare for Kids, they can acquire the benefits of care from a doctor when sick, preventive services such as immunizations and regular check-ups, specialist care, dental care, vision care including vision screenings and eyeglasses, hospitalization, emergency room services, prescription medications, and mental care. A child can choose a Georgia Families Care Management Organization (CMO), a private health plan responsible for coordinating your child’s health care. Their parent can also choose the child’s primary care provider. To be able to be a healthcare member, a child must not be an inmate of a public institution or a patient in an institution for mental diseases at the time of initial application or any redetermination of eligibility.

The state of Georgia has many healthcare agencies responsible for providing care for healthcare members, including on the PeachCare kids website, because their goal for the Department of Community Health is a healthy Georgia, Responsible and Efficient Government, Fiscally Sound, Principled Conservative. The Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH) is the leading agency for PeachCare kids. Through effective planning, purchasing, and oversight, DCH provides access to affordable, quality health care to millions of Georgians, including some of the state’s most vulnerable and underserved populations. The critical goals of the DCH are 1.)To improve the health status of Georgians by promoting healthy lifestyles, preventive care, disease management, and disparity elimination. 2.) Improve access to quality health care at an affordable price. 3.) Ensure value in health care contracts. 4.) Move health plans administered by DCH toward being financially solvent to meet the members’ needs. 5.) Increase effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of health care programs, and 6.) Ensure DCH has enough workers with the necessary skills and competencies to meet the current and future demands. Their purpose is to shape the future of a Healthy Georgia by improving access and ensuring quality to strengthen the communities they serve. Also, the department administers its services to Behavioral Health Services, Medicaid Preventive Health Services, and Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Parity.

To help kids in Georgia, the DCH administered Medicaid. This medical assistance program helps many people who can’t afford medical care pay for some or all of their medical bills with State and Federal tax money. The Medicaid State Plan s a contract between a state and the federal government describing how Georgia administers its Medicaid program. The State Plan includes provisions that relate groups of individuals to be covered by Medicaid, Medicaid-covered services, reimbursement methodologies for providers, and the administrative requirements that states must meet to participate. The approved State Plan also assures that Georgia abides by federal rules and may claim Federal matching funds for its Medicaid program activities.

PeachCare for Kids
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