How do I schedule an appointment at Omega Pediatrics?



Your child can be seen at Omega Pediatrics by going to the appointments page and booking an appointment. The appointment window accepts only the parent’s information thus you will be prompted for your information. In the details section you will be able to input more information including details of your child’s health.

How do I transfer my records to Omega Pediatrics?



If you want to transfer your records from a different provider to Omega Pediatrics, you will need to fill out a request for transfer of records form at our office and we will then request that information from your child’s clinic.

What insurances do you accept for services rendered at your clinic.



We accept most insurances at Omega Pediatrics including Medicare and Medicaid. However in order to determine a good estimate of your co-pay if needed, we need you current insurance information at the time of booking the visit.

Are co-pays required for visits?



Yes. co-pays are required for some visits and these payments are required to be made at the time of the visit.

What is the oldest age that you accept at Omega Pediatrics?



At Omega Pediatrics we provide primary care for ages from 1 through 18 years and those under 26 years if still in school may remain covered under their parent’s insurance and may be seen for select conditions at Omega Pediatrics.

What are your office hours for Pediatric Primary care appointments at Omega Pediatrics?



We offer appointments from 11 am through 8.30 pm on weekdays, Monday to Friday.

What are your weekend hours at Omega Pediatrics?



We offer up to 20 hours of after-hours care during the week and are not yet providing on-site weekend office appointments.

Do you accept walk-ins/drop-ins at Omega Pediatrics?



We accept walk-ins however we recommend patients pre-registering online to reduce wait times in the office. Preference will be given to those who already have appointments and walk-ins will be seen if there is not already an appointment at that time.

Do you manage emergencies at Omega Pediatrics?



No. If you have an emergency please dial 911 and/or go straight to the emergency room.

What tools do you have for families that need help when your office is closed?



Omega Pediatrics has implemented an easy to use system of direct physician messaging system. Calls are routed to your provider or to voicemail if no provider is available. We also entertain SMS if there is no protected health information included. If it is an emergency, please do not contact us but rather call 9-1-1 emergency services. We do return calls and messages within 24 hours.

Is there any means of communicating with my child's doctor without having to come into the office or go through the front desk/receptionist?



Yes. We have partnered with JambaDoc, an instant messaging app service that provides a mobile or web platform for patients to communicate with the provider via instant or chat messaging on a secure HIPAA-compliant platform.

What services do you provide at Omega Pediatrics?



Omega Pediatrics provides pediatric primary care including routine checks, sports physicals, sick child visits, and immunizations.

What type of training does your staff get about providing care for children?



Our staff receive regular compulsory training channelled towards providing services for children in the health sector. We ensure that our standards are way beyond the minimum standards required by the industry. While this may cost us a little bit more, we function under the philosophy that rendering the best service to our most valued patients is the best way to deliver healthcare services to children.

How long are your appointments?



Our appointments are usually 20 minutes. If there is a need for more time or if you would need more time with the provider, please indicate this when making your appointment and we will make provisions as we deem appropriate.

Do you have electronic health records and patient portal at Omega Pediatrics?



Yes. We run a large proportion of our operations on electronic platforms. We also provide a patient portal for families to be able to access their records and communicate with the health care team.

Are your providers trained in pediatrics?



Our providers at Omega Pediatrics are Board Certified in Pediatrics or trained mid-level providers in Pediatrics.

What is the wait time for routine physicals?



We are usually able to get patients in within a week unless we are extremely busy in which case we provide extra providers, or extended open hours.

Can I speak to my child's pediatrician over the phone?



We make every effort to have calls returned by the provider. However, because we are open until 9 pm most days, the return call from the providers may not be immediate. We have technology partners that provide a HIPAA platform for text/chat communication. You may enrol with this service on our website.

What modes of communication does Omega Pediatrics use to communicate with families?



Because we believe in open communication with our families, we mail regular email newsletters up to two times a month to our families, we also have a Facebook page as well as other social media channels including Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

Do you have a blog?



Yes. We have a blog where we talk about the organization as well as current topics in healthcare. Read our blogs here.