Aetna Medicare Solutions

Aetna Medicare Solutions aims to continuously improve its services by upgrading its system, making it more convenient and available for clients. Aside from that, they also offer plans with leading benefits among other medicare companies. It includes coverage for doctors and hospitalizations. Also, they have other services such as prescription drug expenses and other medical care for their clients. They can also enjoy the company's benefits even if they are not hospitalized. Simple care that benefits everyone, such as dental care, eyewear, hearing aids, and even fitness membership for those who love going to the gym.

Aetna provides its members with Medicare solutions and individual and family health insurance benefits. The Individual and Family Plan is the plan wherein the health outcomes are achieved simultaneously. They help everyone feel their best - effortlessly and affordably - by providing exceptional treatment from trustworthy professionals. This health plan fulfills clients' needs by combining essential health benefits, such as prescription medications, maternity and newborn care, mental health services, and more, within each individual and family plan.
In addition to boosting the company’s programs and operations, the organization planned to improve its healthcare quality continuously. They decided to assess their own and others’ performance by interacting with other groups of physicians and healthcare experts to gain more knowledge and ideas for enhancing their healthcare services. Through hard work, they achieved their goal. The clinical operations and program are founded on well-established criteria, and they provide their members and physicians with the resources needed in decision-making.
To continue their good services to their members, they set the objectives of a company that aims to achieve throughout the journey. It includes: addressing the healthcare requirements of members, measuring, monitoring, and enhancing clinical care and service quality, developing enterprise-wide initiatives to improve member and community safety, and ensuring compliance with all requirements, including those of plan sponsors, federal and state regulators, and accrediting organizations.

By developing policies, reviewing preventive and behavioral health services, addressing racial and ethnic disparities, monitoring program effectiveness, studying network provider accessibility, monitoring service overuse and underuse, performing credentialing activities, and assessing member and provider satisfaction, the organization strives to improve the healthcare of its members.
Aetna gathered clinical data in 2021 and shared it with the NCQA Quality Compass to establish new objectives and enhance particular criteria. In addition, they solicited member and provider comments and improved their website, provider directory, and online self-service alternatives. Their Case Management and Disease Management program participants remained highly satisfied and recommended the curriculum. Aetna changed its app and provider directory to make it easier for members to locate telemedicine providers. They also enhanced their patient safety program, disseminated patient safety information via social media, and offered physicians tools on their secure provider website.

The quality improvement program of a corporation aims to improve the quality of life by bolstering behavioral healthcare and mental health. In 2021, the program achieved multiple goals, such as expanding the provider network, launching MinuteClinic® HealthHUBTM pilots, creating social media campaigns for LGBTQ and BIPOC youth, piloting new programs to manage addiction, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders, launching suicide prevention campaigns and programs, and increasing support for youth ages 12 to 25. Planned for 2022 is a partnership between HealthHUB, MinuteClinic, and Network to deploy licensed clinical social workers into stores to provide additional services, such as life coaching. Moreover, the organization founded the Aetna Institute of Quality for autism.
Lastly, the organization is a Medicare solutions provider that regards NCQA accreditation as a means of demonstrating its dedication to enhancing the quality of care, access to treatment, and satisfaction of its clients. Currently, they are continuing the improvement of every aspect of their company so they can serve better for the good of everyone who chose them as a medicare provider.