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With the 24-Hour Nurse Line, you can speak to a registered nurse about a variety of health issues —
whenever you need to. Plus:

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The Beech Street Network was recently acquired by MultiPlan, the nation’s oldest and largest supplier of independent, network-based cost management solutions. They have negotiated reimbursement arrangements with the providers in their networks that result in significant cost savings for you and/or your health plan when you visit an in-network provider.

Who’s in the Beech Street Network?

icon 560000 practitioners



icon 5000 hospitals



icon 8500 specially care facilities


specialty care facilities

Beech Street and Multiplan

Beech Street became a part of the MultiPlan family with the 2010 acquisition of Viant, Inc. During the course of 2012, the network was integrated with MultiPlan’s national network solutions. Participating Beech Street providers, clients, and their health plan members can continue to enjoy the benefits that the Beech Street Network delivers as we work to bring the best of their networks together under the MultiPlan brands.


The members of Beech Street can contact them at their toll-free number, 800-877-1444. To locate the participating provider, they can refer to the instructions on their healthcare ID card, as their health plan may have established a telephone number customized for the program.

Beech Street was recently acquired by MultiPlan, and they are working to integrate the Beech Street Network into MultiPlan’s networks. As a network partner, MultiPlan delivers patient volume from a diverse base of healthcare payers who use their technology to apply the contracted discounts quickly and accurately. By integrating Beech Street participation into MultiPlan network products, members will consolidate contract and credentialing functions and significantly expand their access to patients. MultiPlan and Beech Street clients offer access to an estimated 19 million consumers on a primary PPO basis and another 38 million consumers on a complimentary basis.

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