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Omega Pediatrics is a leading pediatric primary care practice in Roswell Georgia. We provide the most accessible care with hours of service up to 9 pm on week days as well as telemedicine access for the convenience of busy families. If you are new to the area, below is a summary of the City of Roswell.


Roswell, Georgia’s eighth largest city, was founded in 1836 by Roswell King, who came from St. Simons Island, GA. It became a city officially in 1954. The population census of 2010 put the figure of Roswell at 88,346 people. Roswell King was an entrepreneur, who established the Roswell Manufacturing Company and built a cotton mill to harness the power of the local Vickery Creek. Located at about 20 miles north of downtown Atlanta, it is one of the best cities to establish a family. Today, the city of Roswell is arguably one of the safest places to live in the United States according to City Crime Ranking. There are a lot of features that makes this city admirable. So, let’s show you some of the reasons why Roswell has become a beloved city for many families.


Roswell is adjudged as one of the best cities to raise children in modern day America. It has characteristically wide, tree-lined streets with blooming dogwoods and majestic evergreens. A unique city with lots of historic backgrounds yet boasts of affordable Real Estates and extremely minimal crime rates. Despite being a city, Roswell gives the inhabitants a feeling of small-town tranquility. It is a quiet city suitable for people who love siren and peaceful neighborhood.

Employment Opportunity

For many households, what determines their decisions to stay in a city is the availability of job opportunities. Apart from the fact that many Roswell residents work in nearby Atlanta, Roswell has well over 5.000 registered home based businesses, which provide abundant employment opportunities for residents. In fact, a section of route 400 between Roswell and Atlanta is often referred to as the high-tech corridor, where many technology firms like Kimberly-Clark Corporation have their offices. Some of the notable employers of labor in Roswell are; The Kimberly-Clark Corporation, North Fulton Regional Hospital, Harry Farmers Market, and The City of Roswell, among others. Undoubted, abundant job opportunity is one of the reasons why Roswell is considered a viable city for people to live. In 2015 Roswell was ranked 224 for economic growth among small American cities.

Educational Opportunity

Roswell prides itself as an education haven, where every student enjoyed equal opportunity to succeed by learning in an environment that is friendly to their learning process. Although there are a number of private schools, Roswell currently has about 15 public schools, which provide affordable education to children from various classes of the society. The city is part of the Fulton County School System which was recently rated by Money Magazine as “one of the top 100 school district in places you can afford.” The city accommodates about 30 percent of the students from homes living under the poverty level and another 30 percent from middle classes. Roswell public school system guarantees equal opportunity to all students.

Tourists Attraction

There are a few notable tourist attractions for both the inhabitants and visitors coming to Roswell. Popular attraction sites in the city include; the Historic Roswell Visitors Center, the Barrington Hall (the home of Barrington King), the Smith Plantation Home (the home of Archibald Smith), Holly Hill, and the Bulloch Hall (the childhood home of President Theodore Roosevelt’s mother, Mattie Bulloch), among others. These monumental sites have been preserved, restored, and opened to the public. Roswell, thereby, offers site attractions to tourists and the city inhabitants.

Recreational Parks

In order to promote a sense of community bonding and athletic development among youths and children in the city, the Roswell Recreation and Parks department has developed about 18 parks measuring 800 acres (3.2km2) of active and passive parkland and facilities. The department often partners with schools and corporate organizations to organize sporting events such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, and others. These recreational activities go a long way to engage the youths in meaningful sporting events capable of enhancing talents.

Overall, Roswell is one of the fastest growing cities in Georgia. Its population has increased tremendously in the last 15 years. This upsurge in population is not surprising since the city promises good job opportunities, the safety of lives and properties, outdoor recreational activities, affordable education, and offers a favorable environment to raise children, among other city potentials. For Americans and non-Americans families looking for a city with unique potentials, Roswell offers a wonderful abode for you.


Omega Pediatrics Difference: At Omega Pediatrics in Roswell we understand the challenges that parents face when their children develop symptoms late in the day or after hours. Many pediatric offices rarely see patients after 4 pm however we are open every weekday up to 9 pm for both appointments and walk-ins. We also have telemedicine via evisits for our known patients. Our clinic is one of the easily accessible pediatric primary care clinics in Roswell and Alpharetta. We provide pediatric primary care to families in the North Fulton area and beyond, serving families that live in Milton, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Duluth, Cumming, Woodstock-Canton and beyond.

Immunizations and checkups after-hours: One advantage of switching to Omega Pediatrics for your child’s primary care is that you can bring your child in for immunization or annual checkup after regular business hours. We provide this service because we have passion for what we do and we want to be a comfortable and convenient service, not the ordinary pediatric doctor’s office.

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