10 Best Parenting Apps for New Moms: From Tracking Feedings to Finding Playdates

Parenthood is a great, exciting, and joyful journey for new moms, but it comes with tons of tasks. New moms strive to be super moms!  They keep track of feedings, doctor visits, sleep patterns, diaper changes, and many more.

Many parenting apps are available today to help new moms manage their parenting responsibilities and simplify their lives. But first, let’s talk about some of the top parenting apps for new moms. The best picks will suit your needs and preferences.

1.   WebMD Baby


WebMD Baby is a reliable parenting app that provides customized advice to new mothers. The app offers information on parenting topics, including breastfeeding, baby development, nutrition, safety, sleep, and comfort and soothing techniques.

The WebMD Baby app also comes with a symptom checker that helps new moms determine if their child is experiencing any health problems. Additionally, this app offers a journal where moms can record the daily activities and milestones of their babies.

2.   BabyCenter

BabyCenter is one of the awesome parenting apps that offers customized advice and support to new moms. It gives information on parenting topics such as baby development milestones, feeding and nutrition, safety, sleep, and health.

Also, the BabyCenter app comes with a moms’ forum where they can connect and share experiences. It also offers helpful tools such as a contraction timer, a baby growth chart, and a baby name finder.

3.   The Wonder Weeks

Mother multi-tasking with infant daughter in home office telehealth for kids

Wonder Weeks is a trusted app that helps new moms understand the development and behavior of their babies. The app provides a calendar that tracks the baby’s age. It offers information on the various developmental stages that the child is going through.

The Wonder Weeks parenting app offers information on the baby’s sleep patterns, moods, and behavior during each stage. Also, it helps new moms know their babies’ intrinsic needs and offers handy tips to soothe and calm their babies.

4.   Baby Tracker

Baby Tracker is a fantastic parenting app that helps new moms keep track of their baby’s diaper changes, feedings, growth, sleep patterns, and developmental milestones. Moms can closely monitor their babies’ daily activities using its easy-to-use interface.

The Baby Tracker app also lets new moms track their breastfeeding sessions, such as the side they feed on as well as the duration of the feeding. In addition, this parenting app provides many helpful tips and guidance for new mothers.

5.   Peanut

Peanut is an amazing social networking application that connects new mothers with other mothers in their area. This parenting app offers a platform where moms can connect, share experiences, and seek advice.

The parenting app also offers helpful features like calendaring since moms can schedule playdates, a chat feature, and a directory where they can find local resources as well as services.

6.   Cozi Family Organizer

The Cozi Family Organizer app helps new moms manage the activities and schedules of their families. The app comes with a shared calendar that lets mothers schedule activities, appointments, and events for their entire family.

This parenting app offers moms a to-do list where they can generate and allocate tasks to other family members. Also, the parenting app offers a shopping list feature, allowing moms to create and share their grocery lists.

7.   Baby Connect

Baby Connect is an amazing parenting application that helps new moms trace the daily activities of their babies. Moms can track their babies’ feedings, nap behavior, medication, and even diaper changes.

Baby Connect offers a great dashboard that shows all the activities and lets mothers watch the progress of their babies. It comes with a sharing feature that allows moms to share their baby’s activities with other family members.

A timeline feature is also added to show a summary of the child’s activities.

8.   Tinybeans

Tinybeans is a great parenting app that helps new moms generate and showcase a baby journal with their loved ones. It offers a secure platform where mothers can upload images and videos of their babies’ milestones and share them with family or friends.

Tinybeans also has a calendar feature, allowing moms to track their babies’ playdates, development, and appointments. Also, the parenting app allows moms to generate a custom timeline of the growth and progress of their babies.

9.   White Noise Baby

White Noise Baby is another amazing parenting app with calming sounds and lullabies to help new moms calm and soothe their babies. The app offers a variety of sounds, such as rain, lullabies, ocean waves, and white noise.

These great sounds can help babies sleep better. Additionally, the parenting app offers a timer feature, allowing moms to set a particular duration for the sound to play.

You might be interested in a related topic on white noise; this article is for you: White Noise: The Science Behind Soothing Sounds for Your Baby’s Peaceful Sleep.

10.  BabySparks

BabySparks is a significant parenting app that offers developmentally suitable activities for babies. This parenting app for new moms offers a customized plan for babies based on their age, developmental stage, and milestones.

BabySparks comes with a variety of activities, such as playtime, motor skill development, and sensory activities. Also, the parenting app offers video tutorials for moms to make sure they are successfully engaging in the activities.

Parenting Apps for New Moms: Their Advantages


Parenting applications have become a famous tool for moms because of the many advantages they provide. Check out this list of its remarkable advantages:

  • Efficient monitoring and management of the baby’s daily routine, such as feeding, sleep, and diaper changes,
  • Easy scheduling and supervision of pediatrician’s schedules and playdates.
  • Connection with other parents through online forums or conversation groups for advice and recommendations.
  • Access to educational resources similar to articles, videos, and expert advice on colorful aspects of child development, nutrition, and discipline  
  • Time-saving and stress-reducing by giving a central position for all parenthood needs, getting rid of the need for multiple sources of information and resources.
  • Advanced association and planning of tasks, schedules, and liabilities  
  • Increased mindfulness and monitoring of the child’s development.
  • Flexibility to customize features based on individual parenting styles and needs.
  • Potential cost savings by avoiding the need for multiple specialized apps or tools

What to Look for in a Parenting App

New mothers frequently find themselves struggling with the overwhelming responsibilities of taking care of a baby. Luckily, parenting apps have made their transition much easier.

However, with a wide array of parenting apps to choose from, choosing the appropriate one proves difficult. Here, we give you guidelines on what to look out for when searching for apps.

User-Friendly Interface

As a new mom, you’ve already dealt with tons of stress, so the last thing you want is an application that adds frustration. The parenting app should have a straightforward interface that lets you easily use its features.

If the app is overly complicated to set up or difficult to navigate, busy moms will readily get uninterested and simply won’t use it.

Makes a Mom’s Life Easier

Look for an app that has, if not all, the features you need. The features that are commonly needed are a sleep tracker, diaper tracker, feeding tracker, shared calendar, expense tracker, messenger, family plan template, online storage, and many more.

These features help new moms track their babies’ routines, which could significantly affect managing daily tasks.

Relevant Information for the Baby’s Age

The information presented should be accurate, up-to-date, scientific, and research-based. It should contain relevant topics such as breastfeeding, developmental milestones, and vaccinations.

Consider your child’s age, since parenting apps lean heavily on a specific age group.

Compatibility and Security

Ensure the app is compatible with your device. It should have strong security measures in place to protect your personal information and data.

Provides a Support Network and Connections

As a new mom who could feel lonely, having a community of like-minded people could be greatly helpful. However, it should come with a platform to connect with other new mothers, ask queries, and share experiences.

Parenting apps have been helpful for new mothers across the globe. These apps offer valuable insights into baby care, sleep patterns, feeding schedules, and lots more.

Parenting apps are becoming even more advanced, paving the way for a new era of baby care. Below are some trends and predictions:

  • There will be a surge in the use of parenting applications. The apps are expected to analyze deep data and offer personalized guides to new moms based on the behavioral patterns of their babies.
  • Parenting apps will be utilized to predict possible health problems and potential health hazards, enabling mothers to initiate preventive measures.
  • Gamification will become a component of parenting apps to allow moms to engage in fun activities while using them. Moms will earn rewards for finishing tasks related to baby care, like feeding, putting the baby to sleep, or changing diapers.
  • With the emergence of wearable electronic devices, it isn’t surprising that parenting apps will be integrated with smartwatches.
  • As social networking gains popularity, moms can readily connect to seek advice and share common experiences.

Harness the Beauty of Parenting Apps to Make Life Easy

Being a new mom can be overwhelming and challenging, yet full of joy and fulfillment. You need to meet the daily grind of baby care. Nonetheless, with the help of parenting apps, managing mom’s tasks could become easier and less stressful.

We at Omega Pediatrics have come up with a list of parenting apps designed to meet the demands of new moms. The apps cater to different aspects of parenting, such as tracking the child’s feeding and daily routines, as well as managing family schedules.

Omega Pediatrics treats you and your baby as one family. As a new mom, we care for you as much as we do for our young patients. With parenting apps, new moms like you will be more confident in navigating their parenting journey. We are with you.


What are some recommended parenting apps for new moms?

Some top picks include WebMD Baby, BabyCenter, The Wonder Weeks, Baby Tracker, and Peanut. These apps offer various features like customized advice, tracking baby development, connecting with other moms, and more.

How can parenting apps help new moms manage their daily tasks?

Parenting apps efficiently monitor and manage tasks such as feeding, sleep, diaper changes, and pediatrician appointments. They also provide educational resources, connection with other parents, and centralized organization of parenting needs.

What should I look for in a parenting app?

Look for apps with a user-friendly interface, features that meet your needs (such as sleep tracking, feeding tracking, shared calendar), accurate and relevant information, compatibility and security, and a supportive community.

What are some predicted trends in parenting apps for the future?

Predictions include a surge in app usage, personalized guides based on baby’s behavior, predictive health analysis, gamification features, integration with wearable devices, and enhanced social networking capabilities for moms.

How can parenting apps enhance the experience of being a new mom?

Parenting apps make daily tasks easier to manage, provide valuable insights into baby care, offer support networks for new moms, and contribute to a more confident and informed parenting journey.

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