In our efforts to limit the rate of spread of the COVID-19 virus and due to limitations in
testing and diagnosis, we have changed our practice to Telemed First.

  1. We are now a Telemed First Clinic. That means that we will consider all appointments for Telemedicine first before deciding to bring the patient into the clinic to be seen. If the appointment can be completed over the internet via video, we will direct the families to that instead.
  2. You may book a Telemed visit on the home page at That will be a visit carried out completely via internet video.
  3. The Telemedicine visits cost the same as an in person visit and if you have a co-pay, a co-insurance or deductible that has not been met you will still need to pay prior to the visit. If you have an insurance plan that EXCLUDES telemedicine visits, you will be responsible for the full amount of the visit at the time of the visit.
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  1. For ADHD patients, we will be able to complete your visit online and send an electronic prescription. This will involve your filling out the appropriate forms for the day of visit and being available with your child to discuss over video telemedicine.
  2. For patients with ASTHMA, we are able to complete the entire visit online via telemedicine unless the child is actively ill and needs some in-office medications.
  3. For newborn babies, you will need to bring your baby at a specially reserved time (NEWBORN HOUR) when there is minimal contact with other patients and families to limit exposure and for us to obtain weight and other measures as well as deliver the essential care and guidance that every new parent needs.
  4. For parents who are ill, irrespective of the condition of your child, we recommend not coming to the office to limit putting others or yourself at risk of contact with COVID-19 virus.
  5. here is a weekly update by Dr Michael Nwaneri online on Saturdays at 7 pm (check our Facebook page, Instagram and other platforms).

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