My son has had 3 different pediatricians who all seemed indifferent - nice enough but indifferent. So when my scared little boy thought he was facing a shot with Dr. Nwaneri, I expected much of the same. To my surprise, however, Dr. Nwaneri picked up my 50 lbs. 5 year-old and hugged him. He held him and talked to him like a concerned parent trying to defuse a worried little mind. WOW! FINALLY! A pediatrician who cares for the WHOLE CHILD not just what can be coded for insurance or is standard for state requirements. We spoke about my little guy and the conversation wasn't a set of orders. It was an actual conversation about his well-being and what seems to be going well and what could be improved on. I cannot recommend Dr. Nwaneri enough. He is fantastic and his office is designed to help parents get the proper care for their little one i.e. office hours, billing options, welcoming staff. If you are choosing from a directory and don't know who to go to -- this Mom with “0” interest other than having a good doctor for her little one says “Go to Omega Pediatrics!

Lexi Gorfinkel