About Us

Your family is our family


We care for your children as if they were our own

Omega Pediatrics’ priority is to make your time at our clinic a fulfilling, positive experience. From well-child visits to immunizations and sports physicals, our compassionate pediatricians ensure your little ones receive the high level of care they deserve. We foster a multicultural environment, welcoming to all and accepting of varied ways of approaching health and life.

All our staff have been trained and continue to undergo updates on culturally sensitive patient care.


Family-oriented Approach

Our family-oriented approach has yielded lots of positive feedback and thus we are dedicated to sustaining
that culture. We encourage family visits and make extra accommodations so that families are seen together
by our doctors.


Cultural Diversity

Omega Pediatrics welcomes all races and people from all backgrounds. Diversity is built into our DNA as an organization. We have a culturally diverse staff and continue to incorporate intercultural education in our staff training. We will maintain that trajectory in order to give our patients the best environment in which
to receive their care.