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Today was my first day visiting this office with my son and I must say I am highly impressed with the staff. Dr. Nwaneri was absolutely amazing! He answered all my questions thoroughly and my son enjoyed him. I’m glad I chose this office for my son and within the next four months Dr. Nwaneri will ...Read More

Arielle Diaz

Great doctor! You can tell he loves what he does and really cares for his patients. He spent a great deal of time with my children. I drive all the way from Grayson to see him. It's worth my time. He's never in a rush, and is very thorough. I love that he is open late so that we can get there after ...Read More

Katerina Boroday

Awesome doctor and staff. Very nice caring people working with your children. My son was born with a cleft lip and palate and received the needed compassion and care at Dr. Nwaneri’s office.

Barbara Baskin

Fantastic experience! Dr. Nwaneri is thorough and you can tell he really cares about the children! Loved the environment as well. Great place! I will certainly return with my little ones!

Jen Griffin

Dr. Nwaneri is one of the best pediatricians I have met. From making appointment to attending to my son, it was a very pleasant experience. There is no long waiting time and the children love him. The way he treated my son stuck in my son's head that he's always talking about going to see Dr. Nwaneri.

...Read More

Prince Osondu Akandu

I am from FLA and I didn't have a PCP for my daughter. She is 6 with autism. She was complaining about a sore throat. This doctor literally waited for me to drive from Covington, GA to Roswell, GA at like 7:30pm. When I got there, they were close to closing but he was patient and didn't rush at all. ...Read More

Erica Gadison

I took my daughter today. The staff was so friendly. They took a special interest in my daughter. My daughter has been to several doctors, but today she said this was her favorite doctor. Thank you for the time you took to get to know us.

Lee Casteel

Dr. Nwaneri and his team are truly exceptional. They took time out of their day to see my daughter and grandbaby on an actual holiday and was very caring and knowledgeable.
I truly appreciate their level of expertise and professionalism and will recommend them to more expecting mothers.

Tanya Toussaint

I chose Omega Pediatrics based off of others’ Google reviews. Dr. Michael is kind, caring, and patient. With a newborn who struggles with reflux, had ear infections, and a viral infection within the first 4 months, we visited Dr. Michael several times, even twice in one week. He is always excited ...Read More

Lisa Hough

I am so impressed with the services and how much time and attention we received! My 18 month old got vaccinations performed by a magic touch at 7pm on a Friday night. We're definitely moving the family to this practice, you can tell they practice medicine because they love it.

Nancie Gundersen Quinton

This is an awesome pediatric center with special hours designed to help families plan their visits around work and school schedules. Dr. Nwaneri heads up this practice and his compassion for what he does shines through with every spoken word. I highly recommend Omega Pediatrics to any family looking ...Read More

David M Bacigalupi

We love Dr. Michael. He is so knowledgeable, caring, and a true gem of a physician. He treats each patient as an individual paying special concern for the health of their growth. We are so fortunate to have found Dr. Michael. All of his staff are professional and caring. It’s a pleasure to take ...Read More

Noelle Wolfe-Belcher

Dr. Nwaneri is absolutely wonderful. First time I called the office before our baby was born (trying to decide on a pediatrician), he spoke to me personally on the phone for 30 minutes. When was the last time a doctor actually took a call and for that long too? He also came in on his day off and ...Read More

Christine Sepesy

My son has had 3 different pediatricians who all seemed indifferent - nice enough but indifferent. So when my scared little boy thought he was facing a shot with Dr. Nwaneri, I expected much of the same. To my surprise, however, Dr. Nwaneri picked up my 50 lbs. 5 year-old and hugged him. He held ...Read More

Lexi Gorfinkel

My twins and I recently moved to Atlanta and had not yet located a pediatrician. When my daughter got an infection one night, we were able to schedule an appointment with Omega Pediatrics the very next day, which is nearly impossible to do in Atlanta! Great staff, very accommodating.

Victoria Davis

I am very happy with Omega Pediatrics! Staff is friendly and professional. Dr. Nwaneri is highly professional, always attentive to my child. He always has enough time to communicate with us and address all concerns. Unlike other facilities, Omega Pediatrics never make me wait in lounge or in a room ...Read More

Natalia Ushakova

My one month old is a current patient. I really appreciate the staff and Dr. Michael is very knowledgeable. He takes his time going over concerns and questions I had and he is very friendly.

Terri Scott

Dr. Michael is really good. My son loves going there. Plus Omega Pediatric opens till 9 pm which is really convenient for working parents. And he even comes on weekend if it’s an emergency. Really like this clinic.

Nipendra Kayastha

My son is a new patient and we have been to this office two times so far now. The doctor and most of the staff were very personable, kind, and efficient.

Taylor Dunham

The doctor and all his staff are very friendly and informative. I enjoy bringing our son there. He has a great bedside manner and isn't one of those doctors who is in and out without getting to know you. Highly recommend him and his staff.

Kim Nel

I absolutely LOVE Dr. Nwaneri. He was recommended by my OB and I couldn’t be happier that I’ve trusted him to care for my first child! He explains everything so well and I feel like each visit is like an open discussion, and he makes everything very comfortable. It is so easy to get in touch ...Read More

Ashley Madison

I appreciate their hours and the fact that they are very open to most insurances. The doctor seems to be so great and friendly with the kids.

Naty Nunez

I had great experience taking both of my children for their regular check ups. Dr. Nwaneri spends at least 30-45 minutes with my kids during the appointment. He makes sure you walk out with all of your child’s concerns answered. He does not pressure you to vaccinate your children if you feel strongly ...Read More

Olga Gazhenko

Dr. Michael is such a seasoned pediatrician with great sense of humour. He treats his patients with respect. The environment is so clean and conducive. The staff are wonderful. I highly recommend Omega Pediatrics to every parent. Rest assured your children are in safe hands.

Princess Akpanette

My daughter has had horrific ear infections and ALWAYS screams and cries when brought into any sort of medical building. However, the doctor and staff here made her so comfortable that she did not cry nor scream. She was actually laughing! I wanted to cry tears of joy. They are absolutely wonderful ...Read More

Shelby Harper

Such a great doctor and loving staff! I have been taking my son here since he was born. Thank you guys for all you do and making sure Jaxon is healthy and happy!

Haley Brown

We have a great experience everytime we visit. The doctor and staff are very personable. They always make us feel welcome. They answer all of my questions and make me feel at ease. I can’t think of a better place to take my son!

Georgia Milteer

So far so good! We are having a great experience with Omega Pediatrics. Their response time and services are great! As a first time mom I worry too much about my baby, but I always feel relaxed after talking to the doctor.

Yamundow Camara

After nearly five pediatricians in three years, I can tell you Dr. Nwaneri and his staff truly go above and beyond. They are very attentive and give great advice based on what your child is going through individually. They have been great with our son's developmental delays. Don't hesitate to give ...Read More

Kristyn Jeanes

We have had a great experience every time we have been here. I always leave with peace of mind and we are in & out in a timely manner. The doctor is very personable and so is his staff. We feel right at home! He answers all of our questions very thoroughly with our son’s best interest in mind. ...Read More

Kelsey McCreless