The Magic of Babywearing: Benefits and Techniques for New Moms

The age-old custom of carrying infants on a human’s body, called babywearing, has existed since the dawn of **time. Nowadays, it has gained traction among people owing to its wide array of benefits.

Babywearing is wearing your baby! This technique involves using either a wrap or a carrier to keep your infant close to you while freeing your hands for other activities. Both the caregiver and the baby benefit from this practice.

In this article, we will explore the appeal of babywearing. It also outlines the techniques and advantages, most especially for new moms.


Benefits of Babywearing

Baby-wearing moms would be more than happy to give you an endless list of benefits. But for a new mom, there might be a fine grain of reluctance. You might consider paying a visit to your pediatrician to further explain what babywearing actually is. 


Creating a deep bond between the mom and baby is an invaluable outcome of babywearing. As the baby is held close to the caregiver, they have the opportunity to hear their heart, feel their body heat, and detect their unique scent.

Being physically close impacts the mood of the baby. He feels safe and secure, not isolated or rejected. And just being happy because he goes wherever his mom goes.

These experiences foster a robust connection and build attachment, which is important for the baby’s emotional and social growth.


Moms can conveniently keep their hands free by babywearing. This setup proves to be extremely beneficial, especially for new mothers. It enables you to multitask effortlessly, performing routine chores while having your baby close to you.

Babywearing gets rid of the need to put your baby down, which can cause discomfort and agitation.


Babywearing is beneficial for both the mom and the baby to find comfort. The baby can rest in a comfortable and natural position that helps eliminate digestive problems, such as reflux and colic. Additionally, the weight of the baby is distributed evenly.

With comfort in mind, this reduces stress on the shoulders, neck, and back of the mom.


Going out with babies through babywearing can be liberating for mothers. It affords them to engage in activities that require a lot of mobility. This greatly impacts those who feel restricted or isolated from social settings, especially those who are new to motherhood.


By babywearing, you can breastfeed with more convenience and privacy. Numerous wraps and carriers offer simple access to the breast, enabling you to feed your little one while being active.

This is especially beneficial for moms who frequently travel or have additional children to take care of.


Techniques for Babywearing

Choose the Right Carrier

Many options are available for a baby carrier. This includes wraps, slings, and structured carriers with their distinct pros and cons. Choose which best suits you and your baby, considering the baby’s age, weight, body structure, and developmental milestones.

Additionally, personal preferences are taken into account. Some moms are keen on the design, color, prints, quality of the material, and lastly, the budget.

Adjust the Carrier or Wrap

Ensure the carrier or wrap fits correctly for maximum comfort for both you and your baby. Check that your little one’s legs are in the correct position with their knees above their bottom and their head is adequately supported.

The baby carrier should be snug enough to provide support, but not too tight that it blocks their breathing or movement.

Be Mindful of Your Baby’s Needs

Be aware of your infant’s needs. Ensure that you address their hunger or diaper changes promptly. Also, pay attention to your baby’s signals, such as irritability or unease, and make appropriate modifications to the baby carrier.

Experiment with Positions

There’s an array of positions to choose from, which include front carry, back carry, and hip carry. Find the position that best suits you and your baby. For infants, the front carry is recommended since it gives utmost proximity and support.

As your baby gets older, test the waters with different positions until you determine the most comfortable position that best suits both of your needs.

Practice Makes Perfect

Babywearing takes practice. Familiarize yourself with baby-wearing. Don’t feel discouraged if it doesn’t come naturally at first. We recommend practicing putting on the wrap or carrier on yourself before trying it on your baby. Practicing with a toy or doll is also helpful.

Follow Safety Guidelines

To ensure the baby’s safety while babywearing, you must adhere to safety measures. Your baby should be securely and safely positioned, with their breathing space clear. Frequently check the carrier or wrap for any signs of damage or wear.

Further, avoid engaging in hazardous activities, such as handling sharp objects or cooking, while keeping your baby close to you.

Take Breaks

Although babywearing is convenient, consider taking breaks if you feel fatigued or uneasy. And similarly, your baby also gets the needed relief from being wrapped and restricted in the carrier, especially when he starts to get irritable and fussy.

Babywearing for Working Parents: How It Can Help You Bond with Your Baby

As a busy parent, it can be difficult to establish a connection with your baby. Balancing work duties and house chores can be strenuous, leaving little time for quality moments with your child. However, there’s an effective technique that can help with this issue – babywearing.

Babywearing offers the significant benefit of establishing a deep connection between the parent and the baby. As you carry your little one secured to your body, sounds, and motions become more perceptible. 

mother carrying newborn baby on her chest

The set-up fosters a stronger emotional attachment even when there is little time to spare. Aside from strengthening the parent-child relationship, parents have the advantage of balancing work and parenting.

Keeping your baby nearby allows for easy and swift attention to their needs without sacrificing productivity. This can be particularly beneficial for those who have a job from home or have a schedule with some flexibility.

Babywearing and Multitasking: How to Get Things Done While Keeping Your Baby Close

Your baby carrier should provide a comfortable fit for you and the baby even while multitasking. Consider the activities you will be doing while you wear your baby. It should not compromise the baby’s comfort and safety.

You have to use the selected baby carrier correctly. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully and become an expert in it before taking it outside. Start with shorter periods of time and gradually increase the duration as both you and your child get more used.

Being able to multitask while keeping your baby close is a top advantage of babywearing. You can focus on doing your household chores, computer tasks, physical workouts, and also running errands.

A word of caution, though. Go ahead with multitasking with a baby, but with added vigilance and care. Make sure you fully support your baby’s neck and head. Keep a watchful eye on your baby always.

Babywearing for Travel: How to Make Your Journey Easier with a Baby Carrier

Traveling with your little one may seem horrible at first thought. With the benefits of baby carriers, everything has turned into wonders to make happy memories while on the go for you and your baby.

Here are some tips on how to make your travel easier with a baby carrier:

  • Comfort for both the mom and baby is foremost.

Choose a baby carrier that should make the mom and the baby comfortable throughout the travel. The carrier should equally disperse the child’s weight between your back and hips while giving support to the baby’s head, neck, and spine.

Also, consider the climate and weather during your travel. The carrier should cater to the child’s thermal needs. It should keep the baby either cool from intense heat or warm if it’s freezing cold.

  • Practice with the baby carrier before the travel

It is recommended that you practice using the baby carrier while at home. Check to ensure comfort and confidence during your travel.

Equally important is to prepare for airport security checking. Anticipate the need to swiftly and efficiently remove your baby from the carrier during this activity.

  • Enjoy yourself

You will realize that the baby carrier is your savior. It affords you to immerse and enjoy your surroundings while traveling, since holding the baby will be much less a concern. Moreso, the baby might fall asleep due to the comfort of the carrier.

Take breaks and give your baby some room to move and stretch. While mobile, keeping your baby close in a carrier fosters a meaningful bond to make the journey incredibly enjoyable.

Baby On-The-Go With Babywearing!

Babywearing has a multitude of advantages for both the mom and the infant. It helps in creating a stronger bond, provides comfort and ease of movement, and promotes breastfeeding.

With all the wonders and benefits of babywearing, it is still important to choose an appropriate baby carrier and follow safety guidelines.


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