Hemangioma: Demystifying the Common Birthmark in Children

Hemangioma: More Than Just a Mark

Hemangiomas are common birthmarks that often appear in infancy. While usually harmless, they can sometimes require medical attention.

What is a Hemangioma?Hemangioma

A hemangioma is a bright red birthmark that shows up at birth or within a few weeks after birth.

Types: What You Might See

  1. Superficial Hemangiomas: Appear on the skin’s surface.
  2. Deep Hemangiomas: Occur under the skin.
  3. Mixed Hemangiomas: A combination of both.

Causes: The Unknown Factors

The exact cause is unknown, but they are more common in:

  1. Premature Babies: Born before 37 weeks.
  2. Low Birth Weight: Less than 5.5 pounds.
  3. Family History: A genetic component is suspected.

Treatment: When to Intervene

  1. Observation: Most resolve on their own.
  2. Medication: Like beta-blockers, for larger hemangiomas.
  3. Surgery: In extreme cases affecting function.

Next Steps

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