Pamper Yourself: Self-Care Tips for New Moms That You Deserve

For new moms, welcome to parenthood! By now, you may have realized how rewarding this stage of your life can be. But it’s also challenging and exhausting most of the time.

True enough, there will be lots on your plate, from diaper changes to night feedings. With all of these, for sure, you won’t have time to think about anything else to do.

With all the responsibilities that you now have on your shoulders, plus the wave of emotions you feel after going through pregnancy and childbirth, you’ll feel exhausted almost always. This is where the idea of self-care should come in.

self-care tips for moms

Prioritize Self-Care: Break Common Barriers

You won’t be able to give your best if you’re constantly drained of much-needed energy. The question remains. How can you prioritize self-care when caring for your newborn already drains you? The answer is to overcome the common barriers!

Mom Guilt

When you somehow hear a voice telling you that there’s so much to do when you’re sipping a nice cup of hot coffee, that’s mom guilt! Mom’s guilt is the villain when it comes to prioritizing caring for yourself.

Taking time for yourself makes you a better mom in the long run. So, reframe self-care as a vital part of your job as a mom to overcome this guilt and acknowledge that your well-being is equally important as your baby’s.

Even your baby will feel the difference because you will no longer be quite irritable or tired all the time, but rather, you will be showering them with hugs and kisses.

Lack of Support

When you want to step back and take a break, it’s hard to find someone to look after your little one, especially if you live far from your extended family. No worries; there will always be a way to do something for yourself, even if help isn’t readily available.

For instance, talk to your partner and tell him what you need when it comes to taking breaks to care for your baby. Be specific with the kind of help you need, such as cooking or cleaning.

One secret to overcoming the lack of support barrier is to try to include self-care in your routine. Make it non-negotiable! Schedule self-care time into your day just like you would any other appointment or responsibility.

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Self-Care Tips for New Moms

1.   Get restful sleep.

Restful sleep is necessary for your physical and mental health. But, with a newborn, it can undoubtedly be challenging. 

Nap when your baby naps! This is a classic piece of advice, yet it’s true. This is to prioritize rest and get the sleep you need. Even a 10-minute power nap can restore your energy.

You can also share nighttime responsibilities with your better half, which include feedings and diaper changes. And lastly, good sleep hygiene fosters restful sleep. So, get rid of the habit of scrolling through your social media feed before sleeping.

2.   Nourish your body. 

To have more energy to face the day, eat healthy and stay hydrated. Preparing healthy meals in advance can be a lifesaver for busy new moms. Spend a few hours on the weekend cooking and freezing meals that you can easily heat during the week.

But get creative with meal planning and incorporate nutrient-dense foods. You can also keep healthy snacks on hand. These are fruits, nuts, and cut-up vegetables that should come in handy when hunger strikes.

Stay hydrated. Drinking enough water is important for your physical health and mental well-being. Keep a water bottle nearby to sip on throughout the day. Avoid skipping meals, which leads to low energy and irritability. Make a reminder that it’s eating time!

3.   Stay active. 

Exercise can help boost your mood, reduce stress, and improve your overall health. Take a short walk outside with your baby, do a home workout video, or join a mom-and-baby exercise class.

4.   Relax and unwind.

Soaking in a warm bubble bath is relaxing, right? So light some candles with your favorite scents. Lock the door for complete privacy. Enjoy this time!

Relax through guided meditation or deep breathing. Explore the internet for apps, or if you know someone who practices this, ask them to teach you. A few minutes each day spent alone with your thoughts can do wonders.

Getting lost in a new book is a classic way to spend time with yourself. If you cannot nap when your baby naps, then you better read a book. Or, rather than using your phone before bedtime, grab that paperback.

You don’t have to spend the entire day or shell out money for self-care. Just see what works for you and stick to it, making it part of your routine.

5.   Pursue hobbies and interests.

There were many things you enjoyed doing before you became a mother. So, what’s preventing you from doing them all again now that you have a baby? Find time for your hobbies and interests. With a schedule to follow, you will be more likely to stick to it.

Even if you already have that schedule, flexibility is still the key. You should still be flexible. Frustration sets in when the schedule you have planned doesn’t quite go well.

During hobby time, involve your baby if possible. If you enjoy nature, then go camping with your baby. If you are an artist, let your baby create their art while you do yours.

6.   Connect with others and seek support.

When you are busy with a new baby, connecting with others may seem far-fetched.  Your world is limited to you and your baby inside the house. You need to acknowledge that you need support.

So go ahead, join a mom group, or call your bestie for a coffee date. Find a support group that shares the same interests as yours, perhaps with like-minded moms too. Even an online community will do! All of these will be beneficial for you in the long run.

7.   Treat yourself.

Treat yourself to something special. Don’t feel guilty about buying a new outfit when you notice you’ve lost a lot of baby weight. Or get a massage when you’ve done a lot of work this week. Indulge now and then!

When you find certain practices that make you feel recharged and energized, continue doing them.

hows of self-care for new moms

The “Hows” of Self-Care as a Habit

It can be challenging to make self-care a habit, especially when you have a new baby. But with a few strategies, it will be manageable altogether.

1.   Set achievable goals.

Set achievable goals to make self-care a regular part of your routine. Set small goals that you can achieve consistently. Create a routine with a self-care activity in it. You won’t skip feeding your baby, right? So why would you skip taking care of yourself?

The key is to feel good about what you are doing and be able to do it consistently. Feeling accomplished after achieving the goals will make you more capable as a mom.

2.   Break self-care practices into small, manageable steps.

It can be hard to include large chunks of self-care practices in your routine as a new mom, particularly if you don’t have much time. Try to break the self-care practices into small steps.

If you want to start working out again, doing it for one or two hours just like before may be impossible with a baby in tow. But a 10-minute walk every day or a 5-minute stretching practice before breakfast may be doable.

Another strategy is to pair self-care practices with existing habits. If you are used to preparing a cup of coffee as soon as you wake up, why not grab a book while waiting for your coffee to brew or practice a quick meditation session?

With all these tips in mind, the idea of self-care won’t be as overwhelming. 

3.   Include self-care in your daily schedule.

It’s easy for you to let other tasks take over if your self-care practices are not part of your daily schedule. If you want to do yoga poses every day but don’t pencil them in at a specific time, you won’t be able to do them.

Setting reminders on your phone can help you incorporate your self-care practices into your daily routine. Taking a few moments for yourself during the day doesn’t have to be long or elaborate. Sipping your coffee while it is hot can already be a big step!

4.   Track progress and celebrate successes.

As a new mom, you may often fail to recognize that you have come a long way in dealing with your responsibilities, including those to yourself. So exert the effort to track your progress and surprise yourself!

One strategy is to keep a self-care journal or planner. A journal or a planner is a great reminder of your goals as well as the things you are doing to achieve them, and this is also true for your self-care practices.

self-care habits for new moms

Get Into That Self-Care Habit!

Please take care of yourself. It’s not only for your well-being but also for the well-being of your baby. Take inspiration from the self-care ideas presented, geared toward helping you manage the stress, exhaustion, and emotions that motherhood brings.

Even small and simple acts of putting yourself first can do wonders, helping you feel more capable and balanced. You’ve got this!


How can I prioritize self-care as a new mom?

Overcome common barriers like mom guilt by reframing self-care as essential for your well-being, which ultimately benefits both you and your baby. Communicate your needs to your partner and integrate self-care into your daily routine.

What are some self-care tips for new moms?

Prioritize restful sleep by napping when your baby naps and sharing nighttime duties. Nourish your body with healthy meals and stay hydrated. Stay active with short walks or home workouts. Relax through activities like bubble baths, meditation, or reading. Pursue hobbies and connect with others for support.

How can I make self-care a habit as a new mom?

Set achievable goals and break self-care practices into small steps. Incorporate self-care into your daily schedule and track your progress. Celebrate even small successes to stay motivated and balanced.

What should I do if I lack support for self-care?

Communicate your needs clearly with your partner and make self-care non-negotiable. Seek support from mom groups, friends, or online communities. Prioritize self-care as a vital aspect of your role as a mother.

Why is self-care important for new moms?

Self-care is crucial for maintaining physical and mental well-being amidst the demands of motherhood. Prioritizing self-care enables you to better care for your baby and enhances your overall ability to navigate the challenges of parenthood.

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